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Since 1978, you have trusted B & S Lawn Sprinkler Systems for your residential properties. Your satisfaction is the reason our family-owned and operated business has built a reputation for honesty and reliability in service. All new systems and components are protected with a 2-year guarantee.  


Emergency services are available in the event of a persistent leak or pipe burst.

Reap the benefits of first-rate sprinkler system service

•  Time savings – Unless you have a tiny yard, watering by hand takes a significant

   weekly investment of time – especially when the weather is dry. Give yourself

   the freedom to spend time doing what you’d like.

•  Water savings – Program your sprinklers to run at the coolest point in the day

   so you don’t lose most of your water to evaporation.

•  Investment protection – You put a lot of time and money into your landscape.

   Prevent a dry spell or a vacation undoing all of that hard work!

Make the smart choice to protect your property

Consider installing Rid-O-Rust in your irrigation! Untreated systems permit hard water to deposit rust and other minerals onto your concrete and patio furniture. Our lawn-safe chemical bonds with the iron in the water before it can oxidize, preventing unattractive rust buildup. Ask us about the quality of water in your area and if a Rid-O-Rust system would benefit your property!

Let B & S do its best for your home lawn sprinkler system

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